LIVE REVIEW: Pendulum – The Tivoli 


Soaked in bold strobe lights, Pendulum walked out onto the stage to a sold out Brisbane crowd who were ecstatically anticipating what was going to be their first Australian live show in 8 years. After taking a hiatus in 2011 the drum and bass band returned in 2016 with their first live show at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival followed by a run of festival dates across Europe and Asia. The Perth 5 piece have returned home to kick off a massive national tour that celebrates the release of their remix album ‘The Reworks’ which will be released on June 29. Looking around at the packed interior of The Tivoli it is quickly noted that there is such a wide range of people in attendance to celebrate this pioneering act of electronic music. This originates from their unique fusion of rock and electronic music that saw them impressing live audiences and creating their own sound. As the crowd cheered them onto the stage they kicked the show off with ‘Salt In The Wounds’ and the crowd immediately started jumping and didn’t stop for the full 90 minute show. Lead singer Rob Swire excitingly thanked the crowd for turning up to see them and throughout the whole show kept reiterating how excited and grateful they were. Being their first Australian show in 8 years you do expect the band to be genuinely excited and it created a even better vibe to see them so happy and enjoying every moment. They went straight into ‘Witchcraft’ which created an epic singalong and cemented that this wasn’t going to be your normal Tuesday night show. The crowd were throwing their hands in the air throughout ‘Granite’, ‘The Island – Pt. 1’ and ‘Showdown’ and even had the balcony shaking from how hard they were jumping up and down. ‘Propane Nightmare’ continued the colourful and bold visuals that transported their live show from a sold out theatre in Australia to a massive nightclub in Europe. Backed by a massive LED screen and a massive strobe lighting rig there was never a dull moment in their set. Their extended drum and bass instrumentals set that nightclub and festival vibe where you just don’t want to stop dancing. But it did feel really unique and special that you were witnessing them in such an intimate setting after such a long time. The fans were so passionate and loving every moment through ‘Slam’ and ‘Hold Your Colour’ with the rock fans jumping up and down to the beating drums while the hardcore electronic fans were throwing down to every little beat drop. After saying thank you one final time they closed the show with ‘Watercolour’ and the crowd danced even harder that they had earlier throughout the night. It’s safe to say that Pendulum are back bigger and better than ever before. Their energy was next level, their production was incredible and their set list selection was on point which saw them delivering all the fan favourites.

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Photos by Hannah Dodd




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