ALBUM REVIEW: Jack River – Sugar Mountain


Australian singer-songwriter Jack River is really making a name for herself as of late. The Sydney local is no stranger to the touring circuit and she’s brought her mix of vulnerable and empowerful pop-rock to stages all across the country and is about to do the same again with a massive run of festival and headlining dates. However these shows are a little special because she is celebrating the release of her debut album ‘Sugar Mountain’ which is a glistening collection of polished tracks and raw emotions. The opening dreamy state of ‘Her Smile’ welcomes you into this vulnerable state of mind that doesn’t need heavy production to excel. And then ‘Ballroom’ burts with its pulsating synths that transports you to the last couple of songs of a retro disco. The album sits somewhere between the musical realm of Garbage and The Preatures with the raw vocals and shiny pop polish on top of gritty guitars. ‘Confess’ is a little less sedued compared to the rest of the album with a more standard indie pop-rock delivery that allows her raspy vocals take lead. But it’s the catchy ‘Limo Song’, ‘So High’, ‘Fault Line’ and ‘Fields’ that injects their big synth hooks and will have you captivated instantly. All of these songs deserve to be singles in their own right and will join her hit single ‘Fools Gold’ in her live set as some unforgettable singalongs. It’s not all glittery synths that make this album great, it is also the stripped back moments that also make an impact. ‘Stardust & Rust’ delivers the best vocals on the record while ‘Constellation Ball’ and ‘In Infinity’ are intimate and nice. This album hears her introducing who she is as an artist to listeners and will have you genuinely intrigued by her raw strength and shiny layer of production. 


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