SINGLE REVIEW: Tyde Levi – Goldchains


I feel sorry for Tyde Levi because he’s always going to be known as “Troye Sivans brother” and that’s a tagline you never want to have because all you want is to be known as your own artist. Luckily for him he has gone towards a sound that is very different to his brothers but sadly it is not as impactful or engaging as anything Troye has released. ‘Goldchains’ is a mediocre RNB meets slow pop jam. The production is experimental and has a slight mature groove to it but the delivery is lacking completely. He explores the love you find that has no boundaries and not being able to stop spending time with them because you’re so captivated by their presence. But I just wish you could be captivated by this song because after a first listen you can’t really remember it. He does have potential and I’m interested to see what direction he goes in next but his debut is a little hit and miss. Well, it’s more miss that hit. 




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