SINGLE REVIEW: Tash Sultana – Salvation


Exciting news, Tash Sultana will be finally releasing her debut album ‘Flow State’ on August 31! To coincide with the announcement she has also released a new single which hears her going towards a radio ready sound with a whole lot of heart and groove. ‘Salvation’ is polished and pulls influence from her previous releases but whilst doing this she has also slightly lost herself. I was waiting for a big guitar riff or something a little more experimental to happen and it never did. It seemed very cookie cutter and gimmicky for her and even with the honest storyline I found myself a little bored. The song is about the moment you realise that you are the creator of your own narrative and can always continue to grow. She lets go, embraces it, acknowledges it and pleads to be better. “I guess I’m just changing with the wind. Turning in a different direction again and again and again”. It has it’s cool moments and implements her unique groove along to the production but it does feel a little too polished. She sounds better when she’s a little rough, unedited and just delivering strong vocals and cool melodies so hopefully this album has a lot more of those moments instead of this commercial attempt.   




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