SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark feat. Mark Hoppus – Psycho


When an artist continues to bare their all over and over again you can’t help but feel this gravital pull towards them and Amy Shark has successfully created that bond with her listeners. Her debut album ‘Love Monster’ will be finally released on July 13 and has already heard her deliver the sassy and anthemic ‘I Said Hi’  as well as the emotionally vulnerable ‘Don’t Turn Around’. Both of these tracks impressed with their production and intimacy. But with the revelation of the track listing the Gold Coast singer-songwriter has also dropped her Mark Hoppus collaboration ‘Psycho’ to get listeners even more excited.  This track is every little bit of honest and relatable that you can imagine and succeeds at making you fall in love and get you even more excited for this record. The two instantly recognisable vocalists reflect on the strong feelings you have for someone and how easily they can be misconstrued. “And I ask you cause I wanna know. Not because I’m psycho. Just because I care a lot. And I touch you the way I do cause I’m falling in love with you and I don’t do this every day”. Theres a whole lot of pure heart along with honest heartbreak that you can’t help but instantly feel. And along with the reflective lyrics you can’t help but get a very nostalgic feeling when hearing Mark’s Blink 182 harmonies collide with Amy’s soothing melodies. This song has you feeling all the emotions instantly and as soon as that key change hits in the final chorus you will be pushing replay quicker than you can imagine. However with the key change bringing a different vocal layering I do wish she extended the chorus for a little longer because she builds up this tension to only have it released very briefly. But if that is the only issue this song has then why are you not listening to it already? 





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