ALBUM REVIEW: Jess & Matt – Songs From The Village


Australia’s favourite wholesome-pop duo are back with a new record that hears them rediscovering their roots. Stripping it completely back ‘Songs From The Village’ sees Jess & Matt reimagining twelve classic folk tracks that defined a generation in the 1960’s. This duo are both very talented singer-songwriters and could have easily released an album full of original tracks that they’ve been working on in Nashville but this album kind of perfectly re-introduces this sound to listeners. It also sets them up for future releases as their previous releases were very pop and electronic focused and shifts them away from that commercial sound. They have chosen some very iconic and hard songs to include on this record so it’s actually a testament to their raw talent that they have been able to pull this off so beautifully. ‘The Times they Are A-Changin’, ‘The Boxer’ and ‘Scarborough Fair’ are some of the instant favourites on this collection as well as their impressive duet of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ with Chris Issak. But their vocal harmonies are the true highlight as they bring a different layering and shading to the originals because none of these tracks were written to be duets so they’ve had to adjust the harmonies and structures to make it work. So while it is technically a covers album they have also very much made it their own. Their vocal harmonies are impressive, their song structures are simple and beautiful and they will have you falling in love with folk music all over again. 

You can purchase a SIGNED copy of Jess & Matt’s new album from Sanity now






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