SINGLE REVIEW: Urban Cone feat. Blenda – Sugar


I was starting to question where my favourite Swedish four piece had disappeared to but it’s okay because they’ve returned with an absolute banger of a song. ‘Sugar’ is Urban Cone’s most diverse single yet and offers a pure funk and slick pop sound. It’s also their most mainstream ready song closely followed by ‘Old School’ which didn’t receive the love it deserved.

Starting with a pulsating drum beat you will instantly have your foot tapping and by the time the groovy guitar riff comes in you will be sold. The chorus then explodes with this 90’s inspired hook that has a seductive voiceover that keeps saying “Oooh yeah” which will have you feeling uncomfortable but also digging it at the same time. The whole song is a bit of nonsense fun which looks at liking someone a little too much but also not caring at the same time. They use the metaphor of Sugar to tells this ridiculous story and after a first listen you can’t help but have it stuck in your head. “I love, I love you like sugar”. Lets also commend them for finding a way to incorporate the lyric “Boogie Woogie” in the song multiple times.

It’s pretty basic lyrically but it’s the vibrant production and infectious personality that shines through this song which makes it so engaging. They even throw in a rap verse from Blenda which gives the song a whole different texture and reminds me of American pop duo Karmin with their euphoric sound. This single cements the fact that they have moved away from the indie-pop sound their first two albums delivered and hears them experimenting heavier by giving you something a little different and a whole lot of fun.

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