SINGLE REVIEW: Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess


Bebe Rexha’s debut album ‘Expectations’ is finally going to be released next week but before she delivers the record in it’s entirety she’s decided to release one final single. ‘I’m A Mess’ is a rhythmic pop anthem that is about celebrating your imperfections and insecurities. The New York singer-songwriter does this in a very playful and bold way by addressing all of her own personal self loathing thoughts. “I’m a mess, I’m a loser. I’m a hater, I’m a user. I’m a mess for your love, it ain’t new”. It’s very raw and honest and will instantly have you relating to her deep thoughts. She also mixes it up to provide an empowering outlook of positive thoughts that she tells herself to help her get through the dark times. “Everything’s gonna be alright. Everything’s gonna be Ok. It’s gonna be a good good life, that’s what my therapists say”. The contrast of the two feelings is really powerful and helps create such a special vibe for the song. The production perfectly fuses a rhythmic pop beat with electronic synths and delivers a bold sound that is as catchy as ‘I Got You’ and that’s a massive call. Her vocal delivery is so simple and effective but it’s her vocal runs that make this song. They just add this little extra hint of personality that remind me of early Bebe Rexha and that makes me really happy. 

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