SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Good Love


Lets be real for a minute. Aly & AJ were the absolute comeback queens of 2017. The dynamic sister duo bursted back into the music industry with their independently released EP “Ten Years” which heard them introducing a new synth-pop sound full of emotion and empowerment. Lead single ‘Take Me” was an underrated track that experimented with a DIY structure and heard them delivering smooth and dreamy harmonies. The Michalka sisters are currently on a massive tour of America which sees them playing shows for this project for the first time since 2008. To celebrate pride month and reaching the halfway mark of the tour they’ve decided to release the first single from their new forthcoming EP. ‘Good Love’ is a feel good and euphoric love song which describes the feeling of just wanting a true and real love in a time where hook up culture has taken over. “Come on baby, give me good love. Sometimes touch just isn’t enough”. They manage to re-create that genuine and magical feeling of falling in love that has your heart bursting with happiness and has you uncontrollably smiling. The 80s inspired synth-pop track begins with simple synth drums and a pulsating synth beat that constantly grows and evolves over the 4 minute duration. The chorus is very vibrant and has an anthemic singalong feel to it which would be great in their live set. But where the production really shines is in the outro with a synth drum breakdown that leads into the girls yelling “give me good love”. It’s very DIY and builds to the euphoric momentum this track gained. One listen won’t be enough and you will be finding yourself pressing replay instantly so you can hear their dreamy harmonies again. 



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