SINGLE REVIEW: Alessia Cara – Growing Pains


Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara quickly became one of the most talked about newcomers when her breakthrough single ‘Here’ launched her career. After releasing her debut album ‘Know It All’ she had more hits with ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ and ‘Wild Things’, she collaborated with Zedd on the epic ‘Stay’, recorded the lead single for the Disney movie Moana, toured the world and even won a Grammy Award for ‘Best New Artist’. An impressive feat for only three years in the industry. She’s been busy working on her forthcoming second studio album and she’s finally ready to give everyone a little taste of what is to come. ‘Growing Pains’ is an interesting lead single because it almost sounds identical to the sound she perfected on her debut album. So there is no real musical growth highlighted which I did expect from her. However on the other end of the spectrum it also serves as the perfect re-introduction as it is familiar and as soon as you hear it you’re like “oh this is Alessia Cara”. Lyrically it explores the confusion she went through when trying to deal with her new found fame, a busy touring schedule and trying to grow up. “And I guess the bad can get better. Gotta be wrong before it’s right. Every happy phrase engraved in my mind”. It’s lyrically sweet and has a slightly catchy hook but in comparison to her other material it is a little boring. I did expect more of a bold welcome back for her but at the moment it’s a little average at best. 



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