SINGLE REVIEW: Whethan feat. Oh Wonder – Superlove


Oh Wonder have been busy touring the world in support of their sophomore studio album ‘Ultralife’ so I was quite surprised and excited to hear that we would be getting a new song from them. Also because this is their first ever electronic collaboration and what a better producer to team up with than newcomer Whethan. Off the back of his tracks with Dua Lipa, Broods and Charli XCX where he injected some electronic synth vibes into these indie-pop artists he’s ready to do it again with Oh Wonder. This is immediately the most different we have heard the British duo and their emotional indie-pop gets transformed briefly into a colourful EDM track. Their roots are still in tact during the verses with some playful synth layering which really bursts during the chorus. It’s fun, carefree and ultimately cute. It may not be their strongest song nor is it overwhelming beautiful or groundbreaking but its fun and that’s all it’s meant to be. It explores all the ways that someone may interpret your actions but forgetting that the underlying message is that they care about you and love you. So yeah it’s a little cute. And Whethan’s production is very vibrant and DIY with the different samples and synths that build up the structure. 




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