SINGLE REVIEW: Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande – Dance To This


Okay, lets be real for a moment. Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande should’ve been the collaboration of the year but sadly the vibey single is a little below average. ‘Dance To This” is not a bad song at all but the issue is that it’s not an INCREDIBLE song and that’s what it should be. Both ‘My My My’ and ‘Bloom’ are impressive anthems which introduced listeners to a funkier and more confident sound and this song sounds like a bit of a step back for both artists. It’s very reserved and I was waiting for a big harmonic vocal moment to happen but it never really did. Troye kicks off the first verse with a relaxed pop vocal delivery that flows into a laid back catchy hook. Ariana then takes over the second verse and delivers her signature vocal runs that flow so perfectly with the two harmonising during the second chorus. But let’s talk about the bridge, because that is something ELSE. While it may only be really short this little production change became an absolute pop moment. This innovative moment is what the whole song should’ve been like. It’s so different and unexpected that it worked so well but the rest of the track is just a little flat. The idea behind it is cute as it explores a couple not going out clubbing because they prefer the intimacy of being at home with each other as it’s more special however the execution is not great. This mellow pop song isn’t bad at all but I expected more from these two. #Fact. 






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