SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Focus


Norwegian indie-pop favourite Sigrid never seems to stop. She’s been continuously in between writing and recording her debut album as well as heavily promoting her recent singles ‘Strangers’ and ‘High Five’ all over the world. The best way to describe her is that she’s a little pocket rocket. And following the success of ‘High Five’ she’s decided to release the next track from her ‘Raw’ EP which is the intimate ‘Focus’. This track is taken from an old demo recording she did a couple of years ago but she loved the raw feeling so much that she decided to keep it and release it without re-recording it. It’s no surprise that this ballad is emotionally heartbreaking and will have you feeling so many different types of ways. Her storytelling is so unique that I struggle to even find the words to explain it. She finds this way to withdraw all of her insecurities and vulnerabilities onto paper and pick up all the pieces of her broken heart and share it to the world whilst writing a beautiful melody. For this track she reflects on a toxic relationship that has its incredible moments but the other person doesn’t want to commit but doesn’t want to let her go at the same time. It’s a contestant series of mind games and disappointment that leaves her feeling broken and alone. “So this is how it feels to be devastated. But you’re feeling satisfied knowing that someone wants you. When will this end?”. Because it is a demo it is very raw around the edges and that’s what makes it so emotional and beautiful. Her vocal delivery is so powerful and honest that you can hear her heart breaking with each word. She’s proven once again that she can deliver emotive ballads that are just as engaging as her big synth indie-pop tracks. 



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