SINGLE REVIEW: Plain White T’s – Your Body & Bonnie I Want You

There are always a couple of key albums that impact you, inspire you or have you feeling a particular way while you’re growing up.

One of those albums for me was The Plain White T’s ‘Every Second Counts’. That record was full of honest songwriting, pure emotion and kick ass hooks. It’s also an album that twelve years later is still relatable and as impactful as it was when it was first released.

Over the past couple of years the Illinois five piece have been releasing music independently, touring America and delivering high energy and nostalgic shows. It’s been three years since they released their seventh studio album ‘American Nights’ and they’ve just announced that their eighth studio album ‘Parallel Universe’ will be released on August 24.

To celebrate this announcement they’ve dropped their new single ‘Your Body’ as well as the instant gratitude track ‘Bonnie I Want You’. Both of these tracks are very sonically different and explore a different nostalgic sound that their long-term fans will love.

‘Bonnie I Want You’ is an upbeat reggae-rock track that introduces a gritty electronic influence. It’s very different and will have you grooving along to the unusual beat. But it’s the lead single ‘Your Body’ that will have you instantly obsessed.

The ballad strips it back to their roots and gives you raw emotion and sweet harmonies. The simple but effective track is so nostalgic and will have you feeling all the feels you had the first time you heard ‘Hey There Delilah’. That’s a big call isn’t it, but it’s true. Theres something about Tom Higgenson’s vocals that are so captivating and will have you instantly swooning.

The song is an ode to being so infatuated with someone and not wanting anyone else. “I don’t know nobody like I know your body. Every shape, every curve, every twist and every turn. I don’t want nobody, If it ain’t your body”. It’s really sweet and serves as the perfect re-introduction to the band. 





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