SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Kahan – Come Down


It makes me really happy that Noah Kahan is currently blowing up all over the world and topping the charts with ‘Hurt Somebody’ because there is no denying that he is extremely talented. The Californian singer-songwriter is touring the world in the support of his debut EP and impressing crowds with his mix of vulnerability and intimacy in his storytelling. To keep the momentum rolling he’s just released his new single ‘Come Down’ which is a relaxed and soothing acoustic-pop track. This emotionally engaging track reflects on an experience he had with someone who went through a really bad anxiety attack and he didn’t know how to deal with it. This is his way of reassuring the person that everything is going to be okay and exploring how to be there for them in this time of need. “I know that you’re so afraid and it’s getting late, but I’ll stay ’til you come down. So close, but you’re miles away, It’ll be okay, ’cause I stay ’til you come down”. It really captures that raw intensity of anxiety and will have anyone who has been affected by anxiety instantly connected. He’s been able to turn this intense topic into a very sweet and relatable track that has a calming tone and will have you wanting to listen to it again. Noah Kahan really is an exciting newcomer and this song cements his power.







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