SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Garrix feat. Khalid – Ocean


Is it just me or is Martin Garrix becoming a little predictable now? Sure, he has had some absolute anthems and I still get excited when I hear ‘In The Name Of Love’ or ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ played in a club but all of his structures are becoming very similar and over used. And yet again he’s played on the emotional electronic-pop format with his new single featuring Khalid. ‘Ocean’ is nothing special. It sounds like a b-side to his Marshmello collaboration ‘Silence’ which was an emotional banger and sure-fire hit. This song falls flat in the delivery and try’s extremely hard to be emotionally evoking but just isn’t. The romantic storyline plays on the idea that love’s power is unstoppable and nothing can get in the way. They use the metaphor of an ocean that can’t separate lovers to brings this concept to life but that idea has been done 100 times before. “You could put an ocean between our love, It won’t keep us apart. You could build a wall, I will run it up, just to get to your heart”. So are the lyrics original? No. Is the production original? No. Is the melody at least original? No. It’s all just a giant collection of recycled parts that are a little average at best. I did expect more from these two but I also expected the song to exactly sound like this at the same time. Oh well. 




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