SINGLE REVIEW: Kygo feat. Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours


Imagine Dragons continue to impress and evolve as a band and this album cycle has seen them transform dramatically. The arena defining pop-rock band have been touring the world and delivering their euphoric live shows to sold out crowds that need to escape their lives for a night and just need some empowering anthems to get them through. With the album doing incredibly well they’ve decided to release a couple of extra songs and one of these is the impressive new Kygo collaboration. ‘Born To Be Yours’ hears them diving into the electronic world but still holding onto their pop-rock roots. In incorporates all the elements from Imagine Dragons that you love and hears Kygo giving it a electronic polish that is club ready which is an exciting concept. This love track reflects on a relationship that is on the rocks but realising that they are the one and doing anything to be there for them. “I never knew anybody till I knew you and I know when it rains, oh, it pours. And I know I was born to be yours”. It’s very sweet and is the perfect storyline to lead this song as it creates such a euphoric and feel good vibe. When pop-rock bands experiment with EDM I’m always a bit worried because the majority of the time we hear the band lose their soul, their roots and their sound (shoutout to Maroon 5). But they’ve done it very tastefully and it does nothing but uplift their sound and adds an exciting new layer. 




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