SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – Patterns 


Earlier this year Eilish Gilligan delivered one of the best breakout tracks of 2018 with the emotionally raw ’S.M.F.Y’. It introduced a slightly different and euphoric sound for the Melbourne singer-songwriter that saw her going towards a Lorde and Jack Antonoff inspired production. On the eve of her sold out tour with Mallrat she has done it again with the magical ‘Patterns’. This magical pop moment is just that, it’s magical. It see’s her claiming her spot in the pop world and delivering a really impressive moody shadowing. The emotional and honest track plays as the sequel to ’S.M.F.Y.’ because it picks up where the break up left off. It explores the cycle you get stuck in where you’re trying to move on and figure out what to do but every move you make sees you being pulled in by their hold. “I hate to say I’m sensing a pattern, again. I hate to say I see it happening, again. I don’t now how to be alone”. She immediately grabs your attention with an experimental pop production that explodes during the chorus with the most commercially ready hook she’s delivered yet. It has this real euphoric feel to it and is born to be a massive sing along however what strikes me the most is the ironic contrast because whilst this song sounds so uplifting its actually quite heartbreaking. During the second verse she confesses her confusion and doubts towards feeling better after the break-up. “Will I ever get better, I could always get busier. Will it ever feel less like tearing off a limb every time I call it off”. It’s so brutally honest and relatable and once you dive deep into the storyline this song will have a whole different meaning to you. It’s not just a catchy radio ready indie-pop track but it’s a very vulnerable and beautiful tribute to the state of hopelessness post break up. The song perfectly finishes with a bright electronic outro which is full of hope and delivers a cute little dance moment similar to how ’S.M.F.Y’ finished. It’s the perfect way to end this song and will have your heart feeling warm, a little emotional but very whole.  




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