SINGLE REVIEW: Phoebe Ryan feat. Quinn XCII – Middle Finger


Phoebe Ryan is so underrated and it truly confuses me as to why that is. The American songstress has released some emotional and raw bops over the past year that are full of quotable lyrics and big singalong hooks. And her newest single ‘Middle Finger’ featuring Quinn XCII is no different. The indie-pop track kicks off with moody synths and her smooth vocals that are very pop and reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen. This track hears her doing a call and response styled delivery with Quinn XCII which makes it more of a duet than just a feature. The pulsating synths in the chorus add a groovy layer that will have you moving along instantly. It looks at having feelings for someone who doesn’t have them back for you or is denying your connection when you know that you’re perfect for each other. “I don’t want to waste another moment with us apart. Baby this should be simple, loving me is not that hard”. It’s a cool anthem for the hopeless romantics and has a very similar production to the material from her ‘James’ EP. If you like honest lyrics, pop production and a lot of emotions then you need to discover Phoebe Ryan’s discography.




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