SINGLE REVIEW: Kira Puru – Molotov


Australian newcomer Kira Puru has been kicking around the music scene for a little while collaborating with other artists and making herself known as a songwriter but it’s now time for her to shine. On the back of opening for Vera Blue on her massive sold out ‘Lady Powers Tour’ the singer-songwriter has released her offical second single. ‘Molotov’ is a funky post-punk dance track that serves ultimate attitude and a lot of seductive and fun vibes. It’s a track you can’t take too seriously as it’s just made to make you smile and groove and it succeeds at doing just that. The gritty guitar riffs intertwine with pulsating synths and percussion that will be instantly stuck in your head. HoweverI had to google what ‘Molotov’ meant because she keeps saying “I’m a Molotov” and I started repeating her and I was unsure what I was actually proclaiming. A lot of her unreleased material that she played during her set at Vera Blue is sexually driven and hears her just having fun and I’m very excited to hear studio versions of them in the near future because some of them are stronger and have bigger potential than this track. But ‘Molotov’ serves as the perfect re-introduction after ‘Tension’ and will have you ready to dance.






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