SINGLE REVIEW: Christina Aguilera – Like I Do


With every promo track and single from her forthcoming sixth studio album ‘Liberation’ bombing on the charts Christina Aguilera keeps continuing to try revive it with another pre-release track. ‘Like I Do’ is the last attempt to create some serious traction before the album drops next week and sadly it still doesn’t succeed at getting you excited. The RNB meets electronic influenced track is average at best and hears her teaming up with Goldlink to try add some more ‘star power’ but not even he can save this track. It almost feels more like his song than hers with his dominant raps that outshine her half-effort hooks. Usually Xtina knows how to deliver a catchy and empowering hook that will have you instantly hooked and captivated but this album cycle hears her losing her spark. She’s trying to fit in with the relaxed RNB sound that is currently sweeping the pop market but it’s not working for her. The song has a seductive appeal but it just doesn’t succeed at making you feel any sort of way. The strongest track so far from this record is the lead single ‘Accelerate’ and that’s saying something cause not even that track is great. 




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