SINGLE REVIEW: Austen – Too High To Cry

Over the past two years Brisbane singer-songwriter Austen has been releasing some alternative-pop tracks that have heard her introducing herself to listeners and becoming well acquainted with Triple J. Her live shows have been met with massive praise and she’s been continuously labelled as someone to keep a eye on. However she’s finally ready for her massive indie-pop breakthrough moment and it’s an exciting one. ‘Too High To Cry’ is a polished pop track that still manages to hold onto her alternative roots. It shows an impressive growth from her previous tracks and is going to excitingly introduce her to a whole new wave of listeners. The honest track explores the way we cope with negative things in our life and just forgetting our problems for a little bit. The chorus explodes with pulsating synths that has this cool groove that helps it stand out and will instantly be stuck in your head. It’s super catchy and is born to be played on heavy rotation. it’s by far her most pop influenced track yet and has the potential to breakthrough so many different markets for her and see her hitting the touring circuit soon for a run of headline shows. This is the sort of sound you were waiting to hear form her and she’s absolutely smashed it. 

Austen Tour Dates;

22 June – The Foundry, Brisbane

7 July – Boney, Melbourne

11 July – Sosueme Beach Road Hotel, Sydney




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