SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark – Don’t Turn Around


I think it’s very hard to not be excited for Amy Shark’s debut album ‘Love Monster’ with the amount of hype and interest she has gathered globally. The lead single ‘I Said Hi’ introduced the album with a bold and inspiring track that was dedicated to everyone who didnt believe in her and told her she wouldn’t make it. She’s laughing now right? With the album slated for a July 13 release date the Gold Coast favourite has dropped a new promotional track to get you even more excited. ‘Don’t Turn Around’ revisits the sound she welcomed on her debut EP ‘Night Thinker’ with a bolder polish that makes her sound less monotonous. Her debut EP was a little flat in places and just needed a different mastering to make some of the weaker moments stand out more. But this song perfectly does that. The reflective track begins with her acoustic guitar and quickly adds in a bold beat and voice synthesiser that grows the sound to be a gritty indie-pop moment. She even has a slight rap moment towards the end of the last verse which is impressive to say the least. The song explores running into an ex lover and not being able to help but think about them. It’s an honest and great track which is full of emotion and cool production. So far she is proving why she is selling out shows all over the world and showing a massive growth from her EP. 






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