ALBUM REVIEW: Lily Allen – No Shame

No Shame 2

So it’s official, Lily Allen is back but don’t expect the same sassy and sexual innuendo driven diva you’ve become acquainted with. This time the British songstress delivers her most honest and raw material yet on her fourth studio album. ‘No Shame’ is a little rough around the edges but the DIY inspired record hears her stripping it down and giving you smooth harmonies and honest lyrics. The indie pop meets RNB production is very minimalistic and focuses on the storytelling to give you the main highlights instead of relying on big beat drops or gimmicky choruses to deliver those moments. Don’t expect any dance breakdowns or radio friendly tracks because this album is not about that and that’s okay. Album opener ‘Come On Then’. introduces this new melodic sound by confronting the media speculation that she isn’t a good mother or wife. It’s brutally honest and she manages to work in a catchy chilled out hook while unleashing her inner thoughts. It sets the tone for the record and hears tracks like ‘Lost my Mind’, ‘Everything To Feel Something’ and ‘Higher’ following in it’s footsteps. ‘What You Waiting For?’ incorporates a funky reggae beat that hears old Lily Allen making a slight comeback with her pure fire vocal delivery making it one of the strongest tracks on the record. ‘Your Choice’, ‘Waste’ and lead single ‘Trigger Bang’ offers a grittier, beat heavy production with a rhythmic influence. I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of ‘Trigger Bang’ when it first got released but over time it has really grown on me with it’s rhythmic production and cool vibe of not allowing people to walk all over you. It really is the perfect sentiment for the record because she’s authentically being herself and hasn’t let anyone let her tell her otherwise. There are a lot of stripped back moments on this collection that hear either just a simple guitar or piano accompany her dreamy vocals. ‘Family Man’ and ‘Apples’ are eye opening and brutally honest while ‘Three’ is pleasantly weird and unique. It’s written in the perspective of her three year old daughter who is confused by her mums busy touring schedule and just wants her mum back. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. “You saying you’re going but you don’t say how long for. You say it’s work, but I’m not sure. You say you love me, then you walk right out the door”.

This record is made to be listened to a couple times because it is so different and unique. It’s moody and showcases so many different feelings and vibes that it would be unusual for you to love it in a first sitting. So don’t be afraid to listen to it a couple times if you’re not completely sold on it straight away. Just don’t expect any big old indie-pop moments like ‘Smile’, ‘LDN’, ‘Not Fair’ and ‘The Fear’ because you won’t find them. 

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