SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – Acid Rain


Over the past three years Thomston has made himself an artist you want to be familiar with. The New Zealand singer-songwriter and producer has released two EP’s, a debut album and has collaborated with artists like WAFIA and SACHI. His new single ‘Acid Rain’ serves as the perfect re-introduction as it’s his first solo material in two years and hears him shifting towards a more polished indie-pop sound. The production is very minimalistic as the songs starts with a soothing guitar riff as his dreamy vocals perfectly intertwine. He then adds in piano and light vocal synthesisers to grow the mood which then eventually turns to this big gospel inspired moment. It’s very simple but beautiful and will instantly have you entranced and wanting to push replay. The song is a euphoric moment of realising that someone is bad for you and learning what you need and what you deserve and just letting go. The production elevates this empowering vibe whilst still being vulnerable, emotional and catchy. An impressive feat for any artist to pull off all at once. This song comes out at a week with some MASSIVE artists and he’s outshone them all and impressed by delivering easily the strongest track of the week, and if not the past month. 








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