SINGLE REVIEW: Eliott – Calling


After the release of her debut single ‘Over & Over’ Melbourne songstress Eliott has cemented herself as an artist you need to keep an eye on. Her follow up single ‘Calling’ is a stripped back and intimate affair that doesn’t rely on production to captivate you as a listener. She allows just her vocals to take you on an emotional journey of heartbreak with soaring high notes and beautiful vocal runs that showcase so much vulnerability. Accompanied by only a simple and beautiful piano this song is so intimate but because of her strong vocal delivery it also has this grand feel to it. The song explores heartbreak and longing for someone to come back after breaking up.  She’s an artist you will be really intrigued by and want to hear more of because of her simplicity. She somehow manages to command your attention and have you listening so attentively to every lyric without all the bells and whistles. After listening to this track you will quickly understand why she is being noted as an highly acclaimed artist to watch. 






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