SINGLE REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter  – Almost Love


Sabrina Carpenter is probably the most underrated of the ex-Disney alumni. Her sophomore studio album ‘Evolution’ was an impressive collection of electronic pop with seductive vocals and massive hooks. It was a really big shift from her debut record and has seen her since get even better with the smash hit ‘Why’ with it’s infectious hook and mainstream appeal. She’s now returned with the lead single from her third studio record ‘Singular’ which hears her reaching for that commercial airplay. ‘Almost Love’ has real potential however it’s just a little too forgettable on a first listen. It continues the electronic sound her last record headed towards but adds in a urban and latin influence which is a little confusing. And she adds in a Whistle during the chorus which needs to be deleted ASAP. The song is very seductive and looks at not waiting to hook up and just live in the moment. She’s trying to keep up with Camila Cabello who is absolutely dominating the charts at the moment but it ends up sounding like a weak Selena Gomez from the ‘Stars Dance’ era. Towards the end of the song the production gets a little stronger and you will find yourself tapping along to the beat but that’s as far as you will get. It’s not bad but it’s not great. 






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