Delivering big synths and a whole lot of feeling, Milwaukee sister duo REYNA have returned with another glistening pop track. ‘Baby Forget It’ is the follow up to their comeback single ‘Cool With It’ which re-introduced them to listeners with their nostalgic sound. Soaked in 80’s influenced synths this track provides some real Aly & AJ meets Carly Rae Jepsen vibes with it’s big pop chorus and chilled out harmonies. Both of these artists have perfected the indie-pop approach to 80’s pop and REYNA follow and make it their own. While it is very pop the production does have some alternative layering that is on the same wave length as Chvrches. Their vocal affects will draw you in instantly with their intriguing harmonies that intertwine with the dreamy synths. They then add in a groovy guitar riff and a steady drum beat that will have your whole body moving along with the synth-tastic vibe. The track is about learning to grow from negative experiences and putting your heart back on the line after a heart break. It’s very euphoric and will have you feeling nostalgic and empowered after a first listen. So prepare for the feels and prepare to groove song to the infectious beat.




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