SINGLE REVIEW: The 1975 – Give Yourself A Try


The 1975 are back with a darker production that sounds more like Arctic Monkeys than Arctic Monkeys themselves after their odd new album. But after a 2 year break I couldn’t be more excited to hear new material from this band because they always seem to constantly grow and adapt whilst continuing to deliver honest and emotional lyrics. ‘Give Yourself A Try’ hears them steering away from the synth heavy production of their last record and taps back into their alternative-rock influences that their debut album introduced. Matty Healy’s vocals still have that sometimes aggressive whinge tinge that not everyone loves but it works well for their sound and vibe. Crunching guitars leads this song with an alt-rock production that launches a big hook singalong. It’s no ‘Love Me’,’Chocolate’ or ‘The City’ but it’s still catchy enough that you can imagine it would fit perfectly into their live show. It’s less festival ready and more hinted towards a dingy theatre that you would LOVE to see them in. The song explores just believing in yourself and not letting your mind overtake your thoughts. It’s a good re-introduction to who they are as a band and I hope they continue to go towards their alternative-rock sound because that was my favourite sound for them.






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