SINGLE REVIEW: MNEK feat. Hailee Steinfeld – Colour


‘Tongue’ is already one of the most underrated songs of 2018 because it is a ridiculous bop and for some reason radio just didn’t seem to catch on. So MNEK is back with a new song that aims to break the American market by teaming up with pop favourite Hailee Steinfeld. Putting these two together should create a big pop moment that you’d want to have on repeat but sadly its just not. ‘Colour’ is a little bit messy. The production and structure is all over the place and it’s a bit too much. Towards the end of the track they are both singing over each other and it’s hard to actually put focus on either one of them cause it’s just so hectic. I also expected bigger production with a slicker hook and its just forgettable. The best part of the song is Hailee’s line “You bring colour to my life baby. Red and yellow and pink and green. That’s what I see when you’re with me” . But not even that can save the song from being ultimately forgettable. 






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