SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Neville – Shameless


Sydney songstress Lucy Neville is back with a new song, a heavier electronic vibe and an indie pop delivery that revisits her first releases. ‘Shameless’ is a fusion of all the strengths Lucy Neville has discovered over the past couple of years and she’s truly finding her sound. Her debut singles ‘On My Own’ and ‘Lady’ impressed with their indie-pop vibes, laid back electronic production and dreamy vocals. After the release of her EP she started experimenting with different sounds and exploring production skills that I felt like she almost lost who she is. But she’s re-found herself on this track and given you the perfect mix of the two sounds that she’s been experimenting with. Beginning with her echoey and dream-like vocals she delivers a smooth synth production with the incorporation of light piano and guitar that give it that nostalgic feel. She then adds in moodier synths that add that electronic layering and transforms it away from “just an indie-pop song”. What I found most interesting about this track is that it doesn’t have a typical chorus or beat drop. Instead it’s kind all over the place structurally and isn’t scared to allow a dreamy instrumental to deliver a mood for it’s “chorus”. It works really well for the songstress and makes her stand out once again because she’s not doing what every other pop artist is doing right now. It’s a little different for the mainstream electronic-pop genre and it’s cool.  




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