SINGLE REVIEW: LAUV – Enemies + Never Not


With the completion of his world tour Californian favourite LAUV has released the final two tracks from his ‘I Met You When I Was 18’ project. This collection of tracks document a very important time in his life where he was falling in and out of love, dealing with heartbreak and growing up and just experiencing everything for the first time. By doing this playlist project instead of releasing an album it allowed him to frequently release music and to treat it more like a diary than a collection of material that he may have grown out of by the time he actually released the album. It was very autobiographical and saw his fans connecting with him on a very deep level. ‘Enemies’ is the most upbeat of the two final tracks. It continues the angsty and emotional delivery that ‘Paranoid’ perfected last week. It’s driven by a heavier electronic influence with a synth beat that is slightly reminiscent of ‘I Like Me Better’. It’s super vibey and is meant to be played loud and proud. The lyrics look at a post break up where he questions why they have to be enemies. But ‘Never Not’ quickly became my favourite of the two tracks. It’s one of the few stripped back moments on the playlist. With just a guitar he serenades you with the story of heartbreak and being able to find a way to move on. It’s very reflective and sweet whilst also being heartbreaking. He adds synths and a full band production to grow the mood and gives you a rollercoaster of emotions. “For as long as I live and as long as I love I will never not think about you”. These two tracks perfectly wrap up the project and sets expectations high for what he does next. 






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