SINGLE REVIEW: Drake – I’m Upset


So it’s apparent that Drake is upset and wants to tell you all about it on his new single. ‘I’m Upset’ hears him continuing to revisit his hip-hop roots and ditch the pop injected sound he was delivering with his chart topping singles. This is a song that is so ridiculous that it works. He sounds petty and that’s what I love about it. There’s just enough angst and honesty that you will instantly start vibing and be hyped up by his energy. He clearly sounds mad and annoyed and you quickly don’t wanna fuck with him but you also wanna hear what he has to say. The track looks at alimony and protecting himself from girls who try to use him for his money. It’s catchy and is reminiscent of his early albums before he started to go mainstream. It’s that hyped up Drake that you do love so it will quickly become a favourite track to add to your playlists. But I wouldn’t be mad if he released another pop injected single next because I need another ‘One Dance’ or ‘Too Good’ in my life. 




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