SINGLE REVIEW: Charli XCX – 5 In The Morning


2018 is a big year for Charli XCX. Her third studio album is slated to finally be released, she’s hinted at the most music releases she’s ever done and she’s also on tour with Taylor Swift all year for her massive ‘Reputation World Tour’. So expect to be a little overexposed to Charli XCX but to be honest I’m not complaining at all. ‘5 In The Morning’ is her first surprise single of 2018 and it hears her continuing the electronic-pop meets hip-hop influenced sound that her last mixtape ‘Pop 2’ delivered. It has a beat heavy and gritty production that makes it go HARD and when you listen to it you will want to go HARD too. Forget everything you know about Charli XCX as the pop artist who gave you ‘Boom Clap’ because she really is a totally different and new artist now. She still holds onto her pop songwriting skills which helps make this song explode the way it does because she knows how to deliver a killer hook. But otherwise she really is a whole new artist. She’s just making music that she’s happy with and is no longer caring about chart or radio traction which is amazing. This song may not be her best song but its enjoyable and create a good vibe to bounce around to. 




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