EP REVIEW: Mallrat – In The Sky


With the release of her second EP ‘In The Sky’ Mallrat has turned into a shinning pop star. This collection of tracks hears her perfecting the indie-pop sound her massive single ‘Better’ introduced with chilled out synths and a euphoric hook that you won’t ever get out of your head. Follow up single ‘UFO’ injected a grittier synth sound that heard her returning to her rap roots with Allday featuring but still manages to deliver indie-pop goodness at the same time. But that is as far as she goes exploring rap on this release. EP opener ‘Groceries’ is this euphoric little pop gem that will have you gushing over a crush and playing a supercut in your head of memories with them. It’s a very visual track that will just have you feeling good and is an obvious choice as the next single as it has the perfect amount of commercial potential. Her lyrics have always been something that has stood and this EP is no different with so many quotes that will be quickly used all over social media. However this time they are less gimmicky and see her getting very vulnerable and emotional in a raw and honest way. She used to hide behind metaphors and contrast her feelings with a quirky saying but now she’s just delivering raw emotions. There’s so many standout moments that I decided to compile a list of my favourite lyrics just so you can see the change she’s had. There are so many deep and sweet moments that will pull on your heart strings and have you feeling so many different emotions. ‘Texas’ revisits her rap roots with a stripped back approach and after a few listens it will grow on you a lot. But ‘Make Time’ is probably the records strongest moment because of its lyrical visualisations and its pure emotion. She’s grown up a lot over the past two years since her last EP and this track perfectly embodies everything this whole record aims to deliver. Once again she cements herself as one of Australia’s most exciting newcomers and proves just why she’s being booked for every Australian festival possible and even being booked internationally. However this EP will change the dynamic of her live show a lot with more big euphoric singalong’s. 

Top 9 Favourite lyrics from ‘In The Sky’

1. “One day I’ll be living in the sky with you” – Make Time

2. “I miss our kiss if it ever left my lips” – Groceries

3. “Heart broke but I spend it cause I’m Miss independent” – Groceries

4. “The beetles that he tried to kill all grew up on my window sill” – Make Time

5. “But maybe when the summer ends I’ll drift away from all my friends” – Better

6. “If you wanna get groceries and if you wanna get close to me just give me some give some give some sign, I think we’re supposed to be” – Groceries

7. “Your heart’s big as Texas” – Texas 

8. “If UFO’s could take me home, I’m missing my old room” – UFO

9. “Everyone’s alive so everything’s alright” – Better


You can purchase a physical copy of Mallrat’s new EP from Sanity https://www.sanity.com.au/products/2368625/In_The_Sky 





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