ALBUM REVIEW: Tori Forsyth – Dawn Of The Dark


Tori Forsyth’s debut album is more than just a country record. ‘Dawn Of The Dark’ hears her melding together her country roots with banjo goodness and foot stomping beats along with pop-rock injected hooks. It’s an eclectic record that can be interpreted so many different ways. Some people will think it’s too country and some people will think it’s not country enough. Her vocals have this raw Stevie Nicks inspired raspiness that you can’t help but be captivated by. ‘Grave Robber’s Daughter’ and ‘Redemption’ kick off the album with a blues insured production that delivers vivid storytelling. She blends in the country tracks ‘War Zone’, ‘Violet Town’ and the rock injected ‘White Noise’ for good balance ‘In The Morning’ is the albums classic country-pop moment and has a big hook for you to sing loudly in her live show. But this albums most important number comes from the mental health awareness track ‘Snow White’ which is just pure vulnerability. She does love a good ballad and ‘Broke Machine’, ‘Hearts on The Ground’ and ‘Kings Horses’ while give you some good little moments. This is a record for the country and blues fans and for people who like to dabble a little in both. 

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