ALBUM REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Excuse Me


Nicole Millar’s debut album has been a long time coming but it’s finally here in all it’s eclectic glory. The Sydney songstress delivers big pop moments mixed in with experimental electronic layering and indie-pop vibes. It’s a bit all over the place sonically but it works well because she is quite versatile as an artist. The album perfectly opens with the tropical banger ‘Signals’ which will have you ready to dance instantly and introduces her vulnerable songwriting which shades really well with the upbeat and positive pop ready production. But she quickly changes it up with the indie-pop ‘All My Issues’ that will quickly become your favourite track from this collection. It’s relatable, catchy and has a really good production that elevates this song to a new level. ‘No Strings’, ‘Gimme A Break’ and ‘Blindfolded’ are the big pop moments that you are already well acquainted with while new track ‘Buttons’ is single ready with it’s catchy hook and sassy vibe. ‘Money’ is catchy and playful while ‘Real Connection’ is seductive and groovy whilst being one of the more “low key’ tracks on the record. She falls into forgettable territory briefly with ‘Pink Sundae’, ‘Sign Me Up’ and Dot’ whilst the rest of the album is a little hit and miss. I was waiting for a stripped down vulnerable moment but it never came and I wish we got to hear that because her emotional tracks is where she truly shines. But this record introduces her perfectly to listeners and gives an all rounded taste to her eclectic pop sound. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Nicole Millar’s album from Sanity 







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