INTERVIEW: Tori Forsyth 


Tori Forsyth’s debut album is more than just a country record. ‘Dawn Of The Dark’ hears her melding together her country roots with banjo goodness and foot stomping beats along with pop injected hooks and her raw Stevie Nicks inspired vocals. The Kurri Kurri singer-songwriter has cemented herself as one of Australia’s most exciting country newcomers and has impressed crowds with her eclectic and tight set. Now that her debut album is out in the world the touring cycle re-starts and along with heartbreak and life reflection she tackles a lot of deeper storylines. I recently chatted to Tori Forsyth about the honesty of songwriting, the importance of mental health awareness, touring and her friendship with Shane Nicholson. Check out the chat below; 


TB: Your debut album ‘Dawn Of The Dark’ hears you reflecting on love, heartbreak and everything in between. It’s a very honest and open collection so as a songwriter how did you go about breaking down those walks to allow yourself to be so candid to your listeners?

TF: Songwriting for me is a very personal thing. So it wasn’t so much I had to put an effort into being truthful because that comes pretty easy. In saying that, I sometimes have a flash thought and wonder “ahh was that too much?”. It gets dismissed pretty quickly though because that’s why I fell in love with writing, the honesty.


TB: ’Snow White’ hears you opening up about your own struggle with mental health. Why do you think it’s so important in 2018 to continue to have an open discussion about mental health and break these stigmas surrounding it?

TF: It’s definitely important to continue to normalise mental health issues, to make people think before they judge and to have it to the point where people don’t cringe when you say “Oh, I’m having a bad da, because I was awake all night with really bad anxiety”. It’s a slow process but if we keep going it will eventually be the norm.


TB: Apart from ‘Snow White’, what would you say is the albums most vulnerable moment? 

TF: ‘Hell’s Lullaby’ for sure.


TB: You’ve worked quite a bit with Shane Nicholson over the years so how did this friendship come about and what’s the best piece of advice he’s given you?

TF: Yeah he’s been around since the start which is really cool. I’m glad he was the first I met in the industry. He hasn’t said anything in particular but he’s always a phone call away when I’m having trouble with something and he completely supports what I’m doing so that alone is amazing for me.


TB: You’re no stranger to touring so what has been your favourite on the road memory so far?

TF: SXSW is hands down the most fun tour trip I’ve done yet!


TB: With the release of your debut album how do you think your live show will shift/adapt?

TF: It’s shifted so much in just the last 6 months. I’m more confident with my songs and the band. Each show just gets better and better.


TB: Country music is starting to become more and more popular in Australia so who do you think is an artist we should get acquainted with?

TF: I’m loving Ben Leece at the moment! Check him out!


TB: Lets play a little game when you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind. 

TF: Okay!

TB: Most people think I… 

TF: Probably don’t brush my hair *laughs*

TB: If I could have any superpower it would be… 

TF: To stop time

TB: The emoji that best describes me is… 

TF: The black love heart

TB: If I could form a supergroup with any other band or artist it would be… 

TF: Stevie Nicks

TB: Most mornings I… 

TF: Go to the gym


You can purchase a SIGNED copy of Tori Forsyth’s debut album from Sanity HERE;  




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