SINGLE REVIEW: LAUV – Paranoid & Bracelet


LAUV has just wrapped up his world tour with the announcement of the final four songs from his ‘I Met You When I Was 18’ project. The songs will be released over the space of two weeks and the first two tracks are here in all their emotional glory. ‘Paranoid’ has been a favourite in his live set for the past year and fans have been anxiously awaiting him to finally release it. The experimental pop meets electronic track is probably the most gritty and DIY we have heard him be yet. It’s sonically quite different to anything else on the project because of it’s moody yet bold production. But it works so well and comes to life in his live show because it is so powerful. It explores the thoughts that overcome your brain when you start seeing someone but because there is no label or expectations. You start over thinking everything and question if you are enough. “Wonder who you’re dreaming of. After all of these nights laying right by your side how could my brain make me feel so far? Maybe it’s a case of Paranoia”. Everything from the vocal delivery to the production to the lyrics are perfect and make this song one of his strongest yet. Fellow single ‘Bracelet’ is a little less impactful as it has a slightly cheesy delivery. But its sweet. It reflects on a relationship he once had with his feelings still strong and questioning why it had to end. “I used to have you, now I have this bracelet”. It’s a sweet mellow indie-pop song but it’s no ‘Paranoid’. 




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