SINGLE REVIEW: Glades – Not About You


Sydney indie-pop trio Glades are currently wrapping up their headline tour to celebrate the release of their single ‘Do Right’ which went absolutely viral at the start of the year. And I mean its not really a surprise because the song was an absolute banger with a good message and a catchy pop beat that had your whole body moving. Their follow up single “Not About You” is just as catchy and is bound to have the same affect. This time they are a little sassier with their delivery and look at a relationship where the person always has to make it about them and you can never win. “You always find a way to make it about you, it’s not about you”. It’s driven by a synth lead pop beat which carries on the sound “Do Right” delivered and will perfectly add to their energetic and upbeat live show. The way they censor some words to make it more commercial is actually cute and adds to the playful vibe. They really are cementing themselves as one of Australia’s best new pop acts and if they continue delivering bops like these then their international exposure is going to quickly follow. 



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