I’m a bit confused as to why Jessie J has broken up her fourth studio album into four EP’s and released one every day for a week, but she has. However she is no stranger to making weird career decisions after she did recently become a contestant on the Chinese talent show ‘Singer’. Yes, you read that right… but she actually won and also opened up her market so I mean she isn’t complaining. Her new album is an interesting collection of songs that sees her moving away from her pop roots and heading towards a moody and empowering R&B sound. This album is not commercial at all and nor is it meant to be. It’s her just being real, honest and genuine without the gimmicks or sugar coated hooks to get her radio airplay. But this does hear her becoming a little forgettable as none of these songs really stand out compared to the rest of her impressive discography. I was waiting for a stripped back moment like ‘Who You Are’ or an empowering moment like ‘Masterpiece’ that just wrapped the record together and made me think “YES”, but it never came. Instead the whole time I was just hoping and waiting to be amazed. There were moments that were good and had raw potential like ‘Queen’, ‘Play’ and ‘Petty’. But I think the issue for her is her past. It’s hard to not compare because her vocals are so strong and recognisable that you are instantly reminded. But with the album broken down into four parts; Realisations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment you are quickly reminded just how long and different this record is. It’s a bit monotonous and stays on the one flatline the whole way through. The strongest songs on the record are good but other than that the rest is a little hit and miss. I want to be amazed and I was really expecting to be but it’s just a little flavourless. At least her vocals are still as killer as ever.




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