ALBUM REVIEW: Chvrches – Love Is Dead


So I’m going to be honest and just say it, Chvrches third studio album ‘Love Is Dead’ is a little bit of a disappointment. Okay, maybe a bit more than just a little but it still has it’s fair share big festival ready moments. Sadly all of those moments have come from their singles and promo tracks so don’t expect any hidden surprises. The Glasgow electronic-pop favourites have tried to head towards an arena ready sound that is meant to take their live show to a new dimension but instead it’s just made their sound become a little predictable and boring. They’ve also tried to incorporate a lot of political views and empowering messages into their songs which is great and important for the way the world is right now but their delivery has come across cheesy and little non-genuine at times. Songs like ‘Get Up’, ‘Miracle’ and the epic ‘Never Say Die’ provide those big anthems that you expect and want from the trio but I expected more of them on this thirteen track record. ‘Forever’, ‘Heaven/Hell’, ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Graffiti’ come close but they aren’t as memorable and slightly fall into the background. Whilst the rest of the album is honestly skip worthy. This band have always provided big indie-pop moments with big synths and a whole lot of heart but this time they have seemed to overthink everything a little too much and just created a lot of sound and not much more. 

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