SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – Entertainer 


With no new album announced as of yet Zayn is just enjoying releasing singles and giving listeners music as freely as he pleases. ‘Entertainer’ marks his second single this year and it’s another mature track that will hear him winning over a new wave of fans. He couldn’t be further away from the music he was releasing with One Direction and that is absolutely okay. This rhythmic track hears him diving further into the RNB world with a soothing and experimental production. It’s not as immediately catchy as ‘Pillowtalk’ or ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ but it’s not meant to be. It’s mature, different and definitely more structured towards the RNB fans. I love the way the chorus is so rhythmic and has this seductive appeal whilst still being emotional and honest. The way he vocally delivers “When you need me the most, I will turn you down” has this rhythmic timing that will have you entranced and wanting to hear him say it over and over again. The production is very laid back and it’s not mainstream at all and won’t receive a lot of radio airplay but I think he’s okay with that. He’s just releasing music he genuinely likes and it’s working for him. Ever since Zayn has gone solo we have seen him become a different type of artist and it’s exciting. 



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