SINGLE REVIEW: Crystal Fighters – Boomin’ In Your Jeep 


Along with the announcement that Crystal Fighters have signed with Warner Bros Records comes a brand new sound. Yes, that’s right! The english indie-folk meets electronic trio have decided to head towards a heavier pop directed electronic sound that is going to leave long term fans a little confused but ultimately excited. ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’ is very pop. And I mean VERY pop. But it works as it delivers this really upbeat and euphoric sound that would fit perfectly in their energetic live show. It’s carefree and is just the right amount of ridiculous that you can imagine yourself blasting it while driving down the highway with the window down. It has this experimental dance sound that is reminiscent of Elliphant’s recent material. They’ve always been about fusing sounds together so I mean this change in direction isn’t really shocking and I’m sure we will hear some of their roots implemented into other tracks from their upcoming fourth studio album so don’t stress too much. Just take this song for what it is, and that is a carefree pop track that is meant to get you dancing. Does it succeed? Yes. 



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