SINGLE REVIEW: Shawn Mendes – Where Were You In The Morning


At the moment I’m convinced that Shawn Mendes can do no wrong and that his forthcoming third studio album is going to be one of the best of the year. His new single (and the last one to be released before the album is unleashed) is an emotionally sweet affair. ‘Where Were You In The Morning’ reflects on a one night stand and questions why she left during the night because he felt a genuine and honest connection. It’s a good and honest commentary on the hook up culture that the dating world has become and how people seem to run scared so frequently. “How could you make me believe that there was something in between you and me. I look around and I don’t see you”. It has such a romantic side to it that you question why this girl ran away because lets be real, we all want Shawn Mendes to write a song about us. The relaxed and mature production hears him growing up a lot and heading towards a John Mayer inspired sound that I can’t wait to hear more of. His vocals are so smooth and dreamy with his little runs making you feel so many different things. This new album is shaping up to be a very exciting time for Mendes and I think we are all going to finally get to know him on a deeper and mature level. So prepare yourself, stock up on tissues and prepare to fall in love more. 




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