SINGLE REVIEW: Ryan Beatty – Bruise


Ryan Beatty has come a long way since he started uploading covers to YouTube in 2011. The Californian singer-songwriter released two pop EP’s in 2012 and 2013 and then took some time from the spotlight to work on his sound and to come to terms with some things happening in his personal life. In 2016 he returned with a gritty and experimental new sound which wasn’t the only big change in his life as he also came out as gay. 2018 is shaping up to be a massive year for him as he is anticipated to finally release his debut album. His new single ‘Bruise’ hears him experimenting further with a DIY influenced sound which is very Frank Ocean inspired. He featured on Brockhampton’s track ‘Bleach’ from their 2017 album ‘Saturation III’ and there is a bit of influence shining through with his angelic vocal delivery offering sweet harmonies. This is truly the most personal we have heard him be and it’s also the most him musically. This sound is so experimental, raw and honest that you can’t help but be fascinated throughout the whole duration. The voiceovers set the storyline while his smooth vocals take you on a journey of self discovery and heartbreak. He recounts a secret relationship he had with a guy during high school whilst also having a girlfriend and leaving her at a dance to be with him. It’s so tragically beautiful and heartbreaking because this is a common experience that members of the LGBTQ+ community go through. “Now she’s crying on my shoulder cause I left her alone. I’m selfish, cause all I can think about is you”. The production along with the vivid storyline makes this song extra special. You will be entranced from a first listen and needing to press replay a couple more times so you can truly soak in how special and unique this song is. 



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