SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – No Strings


With her debut album ‘No Excuses’ just around the corner, Nicole Millar is proving that she may just be the Australian indie-popstar you need in your life. Her new single ‘No Strings’ is a continuation of the feel good synth-pop that her previous singles have introduced. Her songwriting has notably been getting stronger with each new release and are packing more of a punch in the hooks. And this song does just that. The chilled out synth track has a steady growth in the production which hears her warm up to a big hook that will have you grooving and singing along. “No strings tonight. Nothing to hide. I know you from the inside”. The playful song looks at a relationship that has ended but both parties are still holding on and using no strings attached to keep seeing each other. Her vocals are very chilled and have this dreamy element to them which will have you transported to an alternate realm. It’s just a good pop song that will have you grooving and feeling the feels and have you excited to hear what the rest of her album has waiting for you. 





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