SINGLE REVIEW: Maribelle – I’m A Mess Without You


2018 is a massive year for the LGBTQ+ community because not only are we seeing mainstream media supporting our community but we are also seeing Hollywood movies telling our stories and singer-songwriters topping the charts by opening up about their unique and empowering experiences. Australian songstress Maribelle is the next artist to open up to listeners and tell her story with the groovy ‘I’m A Mess Without You’. This song is the most personal she has been and marks the first time she’s opened up about her sexuality. It explores her current relationship with her girlfriend and how she realised she was being a little crazy when she wasn’t with her. “Baby, I’m about to lose it and there’s only one conclusion. I, I’m a, I’m a mess. I, I’m a, I’m a mess. Oooh, it don’t really matter what I do. I’m a mess without you”. It’s a very cute track of pure adoration and realising you’re in love and can’t do anything about it. Musically this is a departure from her 2016 EP “Overtake” and steers towards a heavier pop influenced sound that is very groovy, funky and ultimately catchy. From the first listen you will be instantly captivated by her smooth hooks that will be stuck in your head quicker than you can finish the song. With the heavier pop focus I’m intrigued to hear just how she will follow this song up and if she will continue to step further and further away from the experimental sound her debut EP introduced. 



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