SINGLE REVIEW: Eves Karydas – Couch


We were first introduced to Eves Karydas in 2015 when she dominated the indie-pop scene with the cool project Eves The Behavior. Now she’s taken back her name with a new solo project that is radio ready and a little more pop focused. Her debut single “There For You” heard her channeling a Lana Del Rey esque vibe mixed with the pop production styling of Dua Lipa. Her follow up single “Further Than The Planes Fly” heard her continuing this sound with a little bit more of a experimental later. And now her third single “Couch” is ready for your listening pleasure and it’s a big one. This empowering track is about the confidence you can find in yourself after a small intimate moment with someone. It’s playful, sexy and experimental. “He’s on my couch, I’m watching his mouth. This is all I see now”. It has this real groove to the production that taps into the seductive moment of the intimacy that made her feel so confident. And from that it actually makes you feel confident when you’re listening to it. The production has this slight R&B element that adds to the indie-pop layering her music has always offered. She perfectly delivers you all the feels and has you ready to dance. 

Eves Karydas ‘Couch’ Single Tour

Thursday August 9 – The Foundry, Brisbane
Thursday August 16 – Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney

Saturday August 18 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne




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