SINGLE REVIEW: Christina Aguilera feat. Demi Lovato – Fall In Line


I don’t really know what is happening within this new era for Christina Aguilera. Like who is approving these singles? Who is running her promotional grid? Why is she plying theatres for her upcoming tour? There are a lot of questions that I need answered. And I feel like I’m not the only one because it seems like her team are quickly dropping new singles to try build some momentum because there seems to be no buzz around this record and none of the songs are charting. It’s really sad because ‘Back To Basics’ is still one of my favourite albums of all time and Xtina is still an icon in my eyes. But so far this is looking like it will be her weakest era yet and that’s saying something because ‘Bionic’ was a mess and a half but at least that delivered the ultimate bop ‘Not Myself Tonight’ and the beautiful ‘I Am’. She’s just unveiled the third promo single from her upcoming sixth studio album ‘Liberation’ which sees her teaming up with Demi Lovato for a mediocre power ballad. ‘Fall In Line’ should be a massive and empowering moment because both of these artists are powerhouse vocalists and with their track record their ballads have always been their strongest material. But when you put the two together the magic just doesn’t seem to be there. They’ve written this beautiful and empowering song about how its every womens right to decide on what they do with their body and to have a strong mind to follow their dreams. With the current state of the world this is a very important song to have out. But where this song does fall flat is the production. They are trying to over compensate and instead should just let it be a raw and intimate moment. The male voiceover in the background is unnecessary and would’ve been more impactful without it. I did expect there to be a lot of over singing with vocalist trying to out do each other but surprisingly they were very respectful. Demi’s vocals sound like honey during the second verse and just perfectly deliver a sultry sound to Christina’s raspiness. But sadly I just wish this was a stronger and bigger moment than it is. Hopefully they can slightly revive this era for Xtina with their upcoming Billboard Music Awards performance that may remind people while Christina IS one of the strongest vocalists in the pop game. 




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